How to build a strong listing


Listing a home is part science and part art.

In a marketplace flooded with discount brokerages and agents, we know “you get what you pay for.” Paying less might seem great when you look at the numbers on the front end, but what if paying a little bit more actually garnered you a higher return on the sale?

As full-time real estate agents we know how to get your home sold. Our sales pitch to you: We are committed to making your home and eventual listing shine so you get more money at the end of the day. That’s it.

How do we do it?

  1. We dig into comps and look at the data. Would you get more by doing an update like replacing the counters or flooring? Is it easier for you to do nothing and have a smaller return? We’ll give you options.
  2. We evaluate your home staging. We all have stuff but could all your stuff be keeping an extra 0 at the end of your closing cost from you? We’ll tell you which things we want you to parse down to make your home show beautifully.
  3. We guide you through minor repairs. Repairs sometimes need to bed done and we’ll align you with vendors who can make sure those loose ends are tied up and tended quickly and efficiently.
  4. We make your home look beautiful! Your listing photos are the buyer’s first glimpse at your home, and can make the difference between a home being on the market for 4 days or 4 months. We would NEVER consider using our iPhone to take your listing photos. We work with professional photographers to ensure we have the best angles, lighting and shots for your listing photos. Plus, when it helps tell the story of a property or space, we also provide 3D walk-thru images, drone photos and 2D layouts of the floor plans.
  5. Marketing!! We’ve worked with one of the very best branding and marketing agencies to make sure we have beautiful and consistent marketing to make your listing shine from online advertising to print marketing.

So, want to work with us?

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